Sunday, August 22, 2010

      The Most Dangerous Mistake
      All Humans Make...

      There's a horrendous mistake all of us make
      almost every day.  It inevitably leads to
      even more horrendous consequences.
      We make this mistake repeatedly,
      without thinking about it
      in the slightest.
      Even though the only way
      we could ever stop making it
      would be to start thinking about it...
      Which no one really wants to do. 
      because we're truly in love
      with this mistake
      and want to go on
      making it forever...

      Despite its disastrous consequences
      for politics, economics,
      scientific truth,
      and our everyday personal lives...
      Let's call it:

      It has many forms, but basically
      it goes like this:

      Hey, deep down life isn't really
      all that complex...

      Basically everybody everywhere
      deep-down is the same...

      Basically deep-down
      everybody everywhere wants
      the same know,
      food, shelter, that stuff...

      Basically deep-down
      all peoples & cultures
      are pretty much the same too...

      Basically deep-down
      all societies and all nations
      seek the same goals
      & for the same reasons...

      Basically deep-down
      all languages are the same
      and say the same thing
      in pretty much the same way... 

      Basically deep-down
      everybody everywhere
      believes in "God..."

      Which is why
      basically deep-down
      a yearning for "God"
      is universal...
      And why the word for "God"
      is basically deep-down
      the same in all languages...
      There, now you've seen them...

      At least some of them...

      Needless to say, however helpful
      so many of us may have
      found these notions
      over the years and centuries,
      not a single one of them
      is even remotely true... 

      And our insistence
      that they might be true
      has in so many different ways
      led to all the feuds, wars,
      genocides, crazed political theories,
      and murderous off-the-wall
      religious doctrines that have typified
      the last several thousand years
      of human history...

      Since it's so obvious
      that all of them MUST be true,
      any time we find people
      who resist these ideas
      or claim they aren't the same as us,
      they must be mistaken,
      and we must EDUCATE them...

      If they still resist
      after we EDUCATE them,
      then they quite obviously
      must be PUNISHED
      or somehow be made to obey...
      or else...
      It's precisely
      these stupid ideas
      that end up
      in disastrous results...
      Can there be a solution...? 

      Just maybe...
      Stay tuned...

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