Monday, September 13, 2010

Palin Caught Pallin' Around With Sixties Radicals

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September 13, 2010


Indisputable evidence clearly linking Sarah Palin with Sixties radicals has driven Tea Party
organizers around the nation into near panic. Most leaders are currently keeping a strained
silence, but persistent questioning reveals an unmistakable rift. No one is willing to state
categorically that the Tea Party will not fall apart over this issue. The scandal is unlikely to
abate soon, since evidence clearly points to Palin's guilt in promoting radical Sixties ideas
and programs on three separate fronts.

Loud objections have sprung from Palin's use of the word "sexism" to characterize those
who oppose her views.  "We can't have any kind of Republican candidate using the word
‘sexism,’ observed a Texas Tea Party leader. “‘Sexism’ is a Sixties word, a Sixties idea, no one in America talked about sexism until the Sixties came along," he continued.
A Colorado activist agreed: "Anyone who uses the word ‘sexism’ is likely to mention
racism and ageism in the same breath,  these are all well-known Sixties slogans. Anyway, we all realize that sexism, racism, and ageism don't really exist, they're simply the product of
high taxes and a soaring budget--those are our real issues today."

Will the Tea Party Survive?

Many Tea Party stalwarts also see unmistakable Sixties influence in the way Palin dresses.
"Why she actually shows her knees while she's speaking in public, she even wears a
miniskirt," observed a prominent Tea Party matron in Kentucky.  "We all know where
miniskirts came from--they’re straight out of the Sixties, they’re English, they’re
socialist." “No true moral revival can come about,” added a well-known west-coast
evangelist, “unless we expose the Sixties origin of all such customs.”

As if this were not enough, even on the east coast a major right-wing ideologist has
expressed serious doubts about Palin and is only days away from going public. "There is a
fundamental position at stake here," he confided. “Not just Palin but McCain himself
have repeatedly referred to themselves as ‘mavericks,’ even as ‘rogues,’” he went on.

"But there can be no place on the right for either ‘mavericks’ or ‘rogues’--we are
essentially a party of like-minded conservatives.  Mavericks and rogues belong back in
the Sixties. I hate to sugest such a thing, but it could just be that there has been a
long-term radical conspiracy by the likes of Palin and McCain to bring the Sixties back
into our nation and undermine the purity of American conservative thought."

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