Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Would You Vote for Republicans???

Why Would You Vote for Republicans???

Twelve Rock-Solid Reasons to Help You Decide...

1. Republicans caused the stock market crash.

2. Republicans caused the real estate catastrophe.

3. Republicans caused the banks to collapse and also drove the deficit sky-high.

4. Republicans sent millions of American jobs overseas.

5. Republicans keep bringing illegal immigrants into the US so they can pay them lower wages, and then Republicans insist illegal immigrants must be forced to leave.

6. Republicans claim they want more jobs for Americans, yet they have repeatedly voted against--or refused to vote at all--on crucial measures to create more jobs.

7. Republicans want to destroy Social Security.

8. Republicans want to destroy Medicare.

9. Republicans want to destroy middle class Americans and make the rich richer.

10. Republicans are religious fundamentalists and extremists unable to reverse or even criticize the hold of weird and unpredictable forces in their party.

11. Republicans have handed our elections over to foreign corporations.

12. Republicans totally and in every way caused this recession. They have no sound ideas for this nation, or none of this could have happened.

Can you imagine what they'll do if you vote 
them back in again...?

Are you STILL thinking about voting 
for Republicans...?

Please read this message carefully again on 
Election Day before you go out to vote.

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Why Would You Vote for Republicans???
Twelve Rock-Solid Reasons to Help You Decide...

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