Monday, August 1, 2011

The Real Names for the "Tea Party

The Real Names for the "Tea Party"
By Alex Gross

Has there ever been a greater waste of time than the recent, trumped-up deficit crisis???

And has there ever been a gaggle of ignorant yahoos more worthy of blame than those who caused it???

Why have they not been named and blamed for the phonies they are by our media???  Why have Wolf Blitzer and John King and Anderson Cooper treated them with the slightest smidgeon of respect???

Why have they not been named and shamed for their sham arguments and statistics by all responsible news crews???

Why was it ever suggested they played an honorable role in this nation's affairs???

Why weren't they called the Christian Extremist Party from the beginning???

Just ask them--they'll tell you for themselves.  They're
Christians. They're proud of being Christians. Like that guy in Norway. No, they're not terrorists yet, but just listen to Sharron Angle--Second Amendment Solutions indeed.

They're all such Good Christians, they're not just ignorant about economics, they're ignorant about everything.

Ask them, and they'll be happy to tell you. They're against Evolution, they think the world is 5,000 years old. They're against science and scientific research. They're against abortion and even the availability of birth control. They're against Gays and Gay Marriage. They're against pornography, they're even against all sex that might be enjoyable. They're against Blacks and Mexicans and Jews and Muslims and Orientals and all Foreigners.

They're proud of their faith, they've been born again, and they want you to know all about it. And they impose their cocksure Christian faith onto all their other weirdo and distinctly non-Christian values. With Christians like this, who needs the Anti-Christ???   

But they're not just the Christian Extremist Party, they're also the Rupert Murdoch Party. Face it, what Murdoch did to infiltrate two English governments is child's play compared to what he's done to take over the American political system.

Through Fox News Murdoch invented, incited, and
carefully nurtured the so-called Tea Party into existence. What's more, he used his network's power to steal the 2010 off-year election. 

Not since the days of Cromwell in 1653 has there been such a gross invasion of government by religious partisans in the English-speaking world. And Murdoch's done it all by perverting the guarantees of press and religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution.

At least the British government has had the courage to face Murdoch down in London.  Does anyone want to bet on the odds of the US government doing the same over here?

So call it either the Christian Extremist Party or the Rupert Murdoch Party. How long will it be before our media dare to call it by either name???

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